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Fave4 Curls and Kisses


fave4 Curls and Kisses Curl Cream for Controlled and Frizz Free Curls

Favourite For: Protecting Curls When Using Heat Tools It’s no secret that curly hair needs extra moisture. With the fave4 Curls and Kisses Curl Cream, you can now achieve defined curls that are hydrated and happy without the crunch factor! Tame all that frizz and provide major control by smoothing all curl types from kinks to waves. Infused with an irresistible scent of agave leaf, fresh rain and pear blossom, your curls will not only look pretty but smell it too! So, why fave4? Here’s a few simple reasons why: fave4 is female founded and USA made brand and all products are; cruelty free, Sulphate free, Paraben free, Gluten free, Phthalate free and have no artificial colours. fave4 encourages you to mix and match their products to cater to your personal hair needs in a simplistic manner. fave4 is all about taking the guesswork out of getting gorgeous to make styling easier, smarter and faster with safe and clean formulas at an affordable price! So, why fave4? The real question is why not!

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