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Fave4 Take Me To Tahiti


One Minute Moisture Mask
Your hair is thirsty!

This super rich, rapid absorption mask treatment nourishes hair in less time than traditional masks without weighing hair down for stronger, healthier hair.

An island infusion of Monoi Oil (made from Gardenia Tiare flower and organic Coconut Oil*) and organic Shea Butter* restores moisture and shine to dry, dull hair faster than you can fly to paradise! PLUS add in the rice proteins and science of rapid, targeted moisture absorption and you have the fave4fusion of nature and science!

Favorite For:

  • All hair types & textures in need of a moisture makeover
  • Renewing luster while helping to improve strength for weak, dry and damaged hair
  • Divine detangling
  • Leaving hair silky and smooth without the weight

Fave Ingredients:

Monoi Oil, made from Gardenia Tiare Flower and organic Coconut Oil*, helps heal past damage and prevents new damage from occurring. It has been shown to help stop breakage, letting hair grow longer and stronger. In this treatment mask, it significantly reduces frizz by helping the cuticle lay flat and stay smooth.
Organic Shea Butter* deeply nourishes and moisturizes adding luster, shine and softness while helping to strengthen and restore dry locks.
Rice Protein provides incredible softness while strengthening the hair to help with continued damage repair and prevention.
A proprietary blend of Polyquats and conditioning ingredients protect hair by locking in moisture and banishing frizz and static quickly.
*certified organic

Fave Way to Use:

Use in wet hair after you shampoo in place of conditioner. Apply evenly from mid-length to ends. Allow to absorb for one minute. Rinse Clean. Use weekly or whenever needed.
Formulated without Parabens, Gluten or added Sodium Chloride

5 oz.

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