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Magic Lightener MAGIC Lightening Clay Lightener


MAGIC Ammonia Free Clay Lightener delivers superior lightening power that is ideal for achieving stunning lightening effects, providing the best consistency to hand paint hair. MAGIC: the lightener that is safer for you as a hairdresser and for every client you color beautifully!

Clay base contains no sodium hydroxide, formaldehyde, or parabens. Additionally, an infusion of Lavender Oil and with Argan Oil imparts moisture & softness to hair, while soothing the scalp during chemical processing. Easy to mix & apply, it can be used either on or off the scalp and works like MAGIC!

In addition to being vegan, we never test on animals and ensure that the formula completely breaks down after going down the drain to protect the environment we live in. Our packaging is recyclable, so please save discard appropriately.

17 oz.

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